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Making Nordic art globally accessible



The Nordic Art Association is an art commerce platform and online community for independent artists and Nordic-based artist-run galleries.


Brandur Karlsson


Geoffrey Stekelenburg


Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan




  • Art purchasing function
  • Blog functionality
  • Creating an account
  • Beta version of the platform
  • Merchandise section
  • Digital wallet
  • Auction functionality
  • Tokenization
  • 20 OAs (original artists)

Launch Party

  • Hire venue
  • Catering
  • Exhibition paintings
  • Merchandise
  • NAA T-Shirts

Further Information


The Nordic Art Association (NAA) is an art commerce platform and online community for independent artists and Nordic-based artist-run galleries.

The platform increases art accessibility and simplifies the online art selling and purchasing market by unifying a variety of sales and ownership models, including direct sales, auctions and blockchain-based fractionated ownership, in one place.

Nordic Art Association is part of the flourishing Nordic Arts ecosystem and works closely with artist-run galleries and independent artists to provide a means for gaining greater sales and visibility for their art while also giving art enthusiasts and collectors an easy way to find and purchase unique artwork from the Nordic artists they love, as well as, artists they discover through the platform. Nordic Art Association endeavors to make art accessible to everyone, eliminating sales hurdles in the art buying process while providing global reach for regional artists.

The aim of the Nordic Art Association is to serve the artist and the artist-run galleries by making the process of showcasing and selling art easier, while increasing the visibility of the artist-run galleries on our global platform.

The art industry has historically been slow to adopt the latest technologies for commerce, particularly online, due to time requirements, payment processing logistics, communication and a lack of know-how of managing new technologies. Nordic Art Association unifies the various aspects of running a successful gallery and art business online as well as creating new opportunities for purchasing and ownership with a diverse set of services presented in a simple and intuitive way.

In addition to traditional online sales methods, Nordic Art Association also utilizes tokenization and blockchain technology. By digitizing and digitally selling or purchasing art through fractionated ownership, a wider array of artworks and commissions can be funded and purchased. A great number of art enthusiasts can enter or increase their art purchasing power, making art buying significantly more accessible.

Where are we now?

Our team has been focusing on the initial technical launch of Nordic Art Association. We successfully launched the Beta version in November with 11 OA (Original artists) confirmed. To finish the final public version of the website we need your help. We will be hosting a launch party 22 February 2020, which all backers are invited and encouraged to attend. We've already booked the venue, so we’re committed to have all areas complete by then.

Our timeline

Now - The platform is in beta. Artists, galleries and art-lovers can now visit and test the initial state of the platform. Features like purchasing art, blog functionality and creating an account are available. The purchasing feature is set on demo mode, so no actual payment will take place.

December 2019 - User-enabled uploads of new artwork to the platform will be available (currently in the BETA version this is a manual process handled by our team). A merchandise section will be added where artists can choose to make prints of their works available to art buyers on a variety of products if they choose, providing an additional opportunity to create income from their art.

January 2020 - Digital wallet and auction functionality will be added to the platform manage your works of art and enable purchasing by art buyers, in one place.

February 2020 - Tokenization marketplace opportunities for artists that wish to explore this new art selling model for their works, expanding art ownership opportunities for art buyers. On the 22nd of February, the official launch date , will be going live on...

How will we use the funds?

In order to create a successful platform for the Nordic art community, we need financial and human resources. In other words, we need to fund the next stages of development, launch and operational costs. We're asking you to join our community in an actionable way, by supporting this fundraising initiative. The funds raised will cover the following costs:

Monthly operational costs kr.100K (does not include salaries).

The launch party to bring more awareness among artists/art enthusiasts and media. We estimate this cost will be around kr.300K

Finally, to ensure we advocate on behalf of and design a platform that equally supports the artists and the future owners of art by these artists, we want to proactively engage legal and market experts, which we estimate to be around kr.600K

The Team

Brandur Karlsson (CEO) is an artist, speaker, serial entrepreneur and investor. He’s a member of the Mouth and Foot Paint Association and founded “Frumbjörg,” a social innovation hub in Iceland that focuses on improving health and welfare while creating opportunities for otherwise marginalized entrepreneurs. Frumbjörg previously won two Nordic Startup Awards and is nominated again this year. Brandur also created “Project Flying Chair,” an ultra lightweight paraglide wheelchair for mobility impared people. The project gained viral international recognition and inspired many to rethink the opportunities available to those with limited mobility. To fund the project, Brandur auctioned his artwork. He’s previously held high profile solo art exhibitions, which he funded through the sale of the art itself.

Geoffrey Stekelenburg (CTO) is a full-stack developer specializing in data storage, security and GDPR. Geoffrey’s technical skillset is broad, having deep experience with high-end design software, 3D rendering tools, Music production tools and programming languages Python, Java(Script), NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP as well as frameworks such as React (Native), Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Django and Pyramid. Geoffrey refined his development, quality assurance and project management capabilities at respected media and software companies such as Instant Magazine, Foleon, P&Z Records and 53 Degrees North. He built his first website at age 12, taking an early interest in the creativity technology empowers from his father, who is also a developer. He is fascinated by innovations in database structures and developing techniques to store data.

Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan (COO) has a diverse background in finance, operations and project management, working across large scale and small organizations in diverse industries in South Africa, UK and Iceland. In her previous roles, Tanja has lead the implemenation of new technologies, enhanced brand UCDs (unique core differentiators) and restructured customer service and communication strategies. She’s previously served in non-profit organizations such as Aurora Earth, where she held the Director of Innovation role overseeing 120 people. Her passion for social enterprise and combining commerce with community improvement was reflected in her successful blog startupwithpurpose, which lead to the foundation of Kveikja: social enterprise Iceland.


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